Sample Projects

Big Wally’s Plaster Magic

Big Wally's Plaster Magic is the ultimate plaster repair adhesive used by contractors and DIYs to repair cracked and loose plaster walls and ceilings.


Business Summary

Big Wally's, based in Brattleboro, V.T. makes a plaster adhesive called Plaster Magic that repairs cracked plaster walls better than current plaster repair methods (screws and plaster washers). The product has been featured on several home improvement shows, including This Old House, and is extremely popular among current clients.


Problem Definition

Big Wally's had a highly regarded plaster repair product, very satisfied customers and some great publicity (see video), but needed help creating an effective marketing strategy. Big Wally's wanted to get the word out to its target audience (plasterers, contractors and DIYers) and determine which steps would be most effective in growing revenues.


TSCS Recommendation

The TSCS team conducted in-depth analysis and customer interviews (plasterers, do-it-yourself customers and contractors). The team recommended and executed 3 key steps.

  1. Update Website -- The team created a sample website to be distributed to the web designer. The new site focused on simplicity, usability, and searchability.
  2. Develop Website PR -- The team contacted and sent sample product to high impact websites to generate links and traffic.
  3. Initiate Search Advertising -- The team set up a google adwords account to start creating plaster repair advertisements such as the one below:

Do it yourself. Do it Right.

Do it with Plaster Magic!


TSCS Results

One year later Big Wally's is doing better than ever. The marketing plan has helped Plaster Magic's monthly sales revenue grow to 10x what they were when the project started.

The relationship developed further with an independent project to generate a business plan and a new TSCS project the following year.