Women in Business Club

Tuck Women in Business' mission is to build an inclusive community that supports and enables women by…
• Fostering a supportive network of women
• Furthering gender equality

To this end, WIB provides mentoring, networking, and career development throughout the Tuck experience.

The organization’s goals are to:

  • Promote personal and professional development of current Tuck women through targeted programming
  • Perpetuate alumnae involvement, awareness, and interaction with current students
  • Attract top-talent female students to Tuck
  • Deepen awareness of Tuck Women in Business initiatives across campus and increase campus-wide involvement

Tuck Initiative for Women

The focus of the Tuck Initiative for Women is to provide meaningful and impactful ways for students to learn about, think about and redefine gender equality – in the classroom, in the workplace, and in their personal lives. Website.