Tuck Squash Club aims to promote the game of Squash among the members of the Tuck community.

Join the ladder to challenge players and schedule games -


• For those of you who have never played in a squash ladder before, it is a great way to match people of similar ability.  You will be able to challenge players above you and, as you improve your game, you will go up the ladder and play against harder opponents.

• The system is very easy to use and to navigate, and it is mostly automated: once you challenge a player, he/she will receive an email notifying him/her of your challenge.  After you play, you can record your score and the ladder will rank you accordingly.  The more games we play through the ladder, the better the matching accuracy!

• For more detail, sign up today and visit the Tuck Squash Ladder website for info, ladder rules, squash lessons etc.  Future notifications through the Tuck Squash Club Chatter group!