Brazil, Russia, India, China Club

BRICs Club at Tuck School of Business - Brazil, Russia, India and China

BRICs is the term coined by Jim O’Neill in his 2001 Goldman Sachs report “Building Better Global Economic BRICs” to designate key economies that would help to shape the global economy in the next 10 years. By then, the BRIC economies combined were half the size of Japan’s economy. From 2000 to 2010, they have grown more than 363% while the G7 economies had a 50% growth.

The creation of BRICs Club allows Tuck to embrace the biggest story of the century and engage the most important emerging economies of the world in a proactive manner.

More than any other Tuck Club has ever done, the BRICs Club is focused on academic issues and recruiting opportunities in BRIC nations, having always in its actions the concern of promoting the Tuck Brand.

On its first year as an official club, BRICs Club will work on three key initiatives: TOP 20 companies in each of the BRICs countries, Chatter posts and Events, relying mainly on the partnership between school and students.