Tuck Ambassador Program

Tuck Student Ambassadors collaborate with Admissions to share their personal experiences with prospective students.

Our Country Ambassadors are led by second-year, Regional Captains representing Africa, Asia-Pacific, China, Europe, India, Latin America, the Middle East, and North America. They serve as the primary liaison between prospective students from their region and other ambassadors. All Regional Captains are happy to hear from prospective students!

Tips for Great Interactions:

  • Be prepared with specific things you'd like to know more about.
  • Don't ask questions that you could have easily found the answer to on Tuck's website.
  • Tuckies are famously generous with their time. Please don't take advantage of that by assuming you're their number one priority.
  • Conversations with Ambassadors are a resource for the applicant not the admissions committee. They aren’t reporting anything to Admissions and are in no way involved in the evaluation process.
  • Don’t request that they put in a good word for you.
  • Ambassadors can share their individual application and financial aid experiences, but they're not experts. Everyone's situation is different. If you need advice on the admissions process, please reach out to the Admissions Office. If you want to talk about financial aid opportunities, please reach out to the Financial Aid Office
  • Similarly, Ambassadors aren't here to review essays, etc.